Date:Wednesday, January 14th
Time:Open - 6:45 PM
Class - 7:00 PM
Place:Aptos Grange, 2555 Mar Vista Dr., Aptos

Cone Head Tinsel Chenille Bugger
Instructor: Elaine Cook

Our fly this month is a great fly for bass and trout in lakes when the fish are not near the surface. The fly will sink head-first then jig up when pulled on. Be prepared for a strike when it's on its way down, as well as during your pull.
The classes are paid for by our "Fun-Draiser", so be sure to participate and get raffle tickets. (January 24th).
We love having beginners and have some equipment available for them to use. For everyone else, please bring your equipment, light, and 6/0 black thread.
To insure that enough materials are prepared, please sign-up at the January club meeting or by calling Elaine at 688-1561. If you sign up and then find you are unable to attend, a cancellation call is appreciated.

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