Getting Ready for 2015
by President Steve Rudzinski

Traditionally, this should be my last President's Line. It's been a wonderful two years, etc. etc. However this year for sure there will be someone in the wings, hopefully from our 2015 board of directors or lucky club member with a good sense of humor and/or a thick skin to step up to the "presidental plate" in 2016 - a huge election year.
On the business end, and in a nutshell, our treasurer says we are almost exactly at the same balance as last year at this time, which cannot be bad, as we lost members and also gained about as many in the 135-150 paid memberships. Speaking of memberships, last night our board agreed to change our membership renewal program where as we will now mail out a membership renewal form in December (this month) to try to streamline our system and not have memberships trickle in throughout the year. We will be like your fishing license, January-to-January. Also, there will be the usual liability waiver-hold harmless agreement required for attending club sponsored events and room on the form to add any of your expectations or ideas or list of programs you can volunteer that meet your interest. As every year, the club board meets in January to set a budget to determine to whom and how much we donate to organizations like our own local Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project and hatchery and the STEP Program, Cal Trout and so many more. We all think this mailing will make it easier for everyone to "remember if I paid or not"?
Some changes at the monthly meeting and last night's board meeting for the good of the club evolution: thanks to Milana and Steven Rawson (who always sit front row left at the club meetings) for volunteering and now elected as the new Vice President (Milana) and replacing Dennis Davie as Facilities is Milana's husband Steven. It's marvelous and fantastic how it all falls into place if you believe it will. Dennis Davie becomes the new Programs Director, replacing Tim Loomis, and I gladly spread out the duties among us all. It's rewarding to serve others and help keep this ship afloat.
In the last 30 days leading up to the newly coined "Fun-Draiser" I urge all members (I wonder sometime how many read the President's Line) to support the 2015 event and get a ticket. The January club meeting is the easiest way, next to getting it at Angler's Choice. We have sold 1/4 of the 200 total tickets thus far. John let me peek into the "prize room" at his house, and this year we have a ton of stuff! I saw a lot of rods and reels and float tubes and gear galore for the raffle. We need volunteers (everyone still has to buy a ticket) to prepare food and just about everything else including clearing the hall and closing. It always amazes me how this event is so magical and brings so many of us together for a good time every year. It always works out great because of you, the members, and volunteers. Invite a friend or two and share a big table together. Our goal is to sell all 200 tickets to make it through next year. We can do it.
January is our annual slide show and it's always a nice change from a club business part of the meeting. We like it when everyone makes comments on the slides and on each other. This is what great clubs do, laugh and be human, and tell true fish stories with photographic proof.
I was lobbying for having a Polka Band at the yearly event but did not get a majority vote, maybe next year! Happy 2015 everyone!

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