* Substitute Fly Tying Instructors:

A big thank you to Greg Foy, Peter Fabian, and Chris Walters for sharing their fly tying skills and knowledge to other eager-to-learn club members in 2014. The support that the students give with their attendance is always appreciated.
Elaine Cook - Fly Tying Mistress

* Reminder: Get your fishing license NOW!
Get your fishing license if you plan to go out in early January. It's easy to forget, especially if you go out on New Year's Day. To make life easier, just go to https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Licensing/Fishing, or visit a local sporting gear store. If you know you're going to be fishing for the rest of your life, you might even want to treat yourself to a Lifetime Fishing License. Information about that, and the fees, which depend on your age when you first apply for it, are also on the website.

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