For Sale:
Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise

True rotary vise, little used, bought last summer.
Have added a better quality bobbin holder. New cost $99, asking $55.
Call Jon Bowman (831) 423-7394

For Sale:
1. Mosquito Magnet:
One of the high-end models. Operates on standard propane tank. Mosquitoes are territorial -if you kill off all in an acre from your house you will have no more mosquitoes the rest of the season. Use for several seasons and you will rarely see a mosquito at your home. Current similar model sells for $700 plus. I'm asking $100.
2. Electric fruit dryer for sale $75
Call David South Hm 722-4025 or Wk 728-2005

1. Portable table top, fly tying station

Made of Corian and wood; includes vise and threads.
2. Prescription glasses with brown plastic frame
Left behind at the January Fly Tying Class
Call Elaine at 688-1561 to claim either of these items.

Firewood! Just in time for cold weather
Cut, split, stacked and seasoned firewood for sale.
The wood comes from my home in the Mystery Spot area. Arrange to pick it up or have it delivered.
For sale by the trunk, van, or pick-up load. A 6' pick-up bed would be $100.00, and 8' bed $140.00.
We can arrange the pick-up date and time and I will help you load it onto your vehicle.
A small fee is added for deliveries, I have a pick-up with a 6' bed, more than 1/3 of a cord.
Please call Pablo Grabiel at 562-652-3771 and introduce yourself as a fellow fishing club member.

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