* Feb. 11-25 - Great Exuma, Bahamas - Pat and John Steele

After our group had assembled, some of who had difficulty distinguishing 12 midnight from 12 noon, we went forth to search for bonefish. Linda and Tony Holdren, and their family, Troy and Gina Holdren, Tony's brother Dan and significant other Sue, and Linda's cousin Susie, husband Dutch, and their grandson A.J., plus Noelle Nichols and Tom Pelikan, made up our merry group.
Our guide, Drex Rolle, took us out on the cays, and the first day we fished, we each caught a couple, not stellar, but since it was a warm-up, we considered it a successful day. We had some wind and poor visibility to deal with, plus I was getting used to a new rod.
Tony and Troy went out diving and came back with 26 lobsters, which made for a scrumptious feast that evening!
The second day we fished was worse, weather-wise. I got skunked and John only got one. It was blowing hard, clouded over, and it even rained a little bit.
Tom and John had a similar day when they went out together. However, toward the end of the second week, we woke to calm winds, and cloudless skies. John and I had the best day out on the salt that we've ever had, hooking over 20 bones and bringing 18 to the boat. Most were schoolie-sized, but some were in the 5-6 pound range. They all straighten your string, so it was a very good day. Tom and John went out the next day, the weather was similarly nice, but the fishing was skimpier. You just never know.
The hot fly was the size 4-6 dark rainbow shrimp pattern. The bones liked the shiny brass eyes; the black-eyed ones worked, but not as well as the shiny ones.

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