Woolly Worm
Submitted by Elaine Cook

Get ready for Sam's surf fishouts with this simple tie. Also works in stillwater for trout and bass.

Hook:Mustad 9671 or TMC 5262 sizes 2 - 12
Thread:Red 6/0 or monocord or other strong thread
Tail:Red wool
Body:Chenille. Popular colors are black, red, yellow, orange, and green.
Sam is partial to orange
Hackle:Grizzly saddle, barbs equal to hook gap
Head:Red thread

1. Crimp barb.
2. Apply thread behind eye, wrap to rear of shank.
3. Lay strand of wool on top of shank so one end is 3 eye lengths behind eye, other end extending beyond rear of hook. Tie in place. Cut tail 1 shank length beyond shank. Using bodkin, separate fibers.
4. Prepare hackle by cutting 6 - 8 barbs short on each side of stem at butt end. (butch hair-cut) Tie in prepared end at rear of shank.
5. Tie in chenille at rear shank. Advance thread to 1 eye length behind eye. Wrap chenille in close wraps. Tie off, cut excess.
6. Palmer hackle forward in 6 - 7 wraps. Tie off, cut excess.
7. Wrap thread head, whip finish. Cut thread. Apply Zap-a-Gap or the like.

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