The State We're In
by President Steve Rudzinski

I put on Abbey Road and sat down to write some February reflections. "Come together, Right now, yeah", Paul is singing, and I know the timing is right for me to say that actually our esteemed board of directors all showed up at the Grange right on time and for what I have witnessed since my first time I attended when I was the new facilities guy, the entire group spoke up at one time or another to help add or subtract things from the budget and ways we are going to operate this coming year. Thank you to our masterful Jim Tolonen, Treasurer, who could take over the top Washington spot, I suspect. He works for us for free, so lucky are we.
In a small walnut shell, the financial state of our organization, along with the economy, is on a decline, but not one of alarm, as in ways we spent our funds, we brought in monies, in other ways sort of unexpected. We all realize we are evolving as are the rest of the clubs and business ventures out there. Our board alone could easily form a new corporation and create a product to sell globally and then buy a lake full of trout for us all to enjoy. On the grander scale, of course, but as far as the present state, we all should be very satisfied that we worked very hard last year to end with the Fun-Draiser. It held its own against previous years with a loss on one event and gain on others.
The new membership packet was an amazing addition to the ending of 2014. Jim Black put together a smart way to streamline the club membership renewals and accounting. There will be some minor changes in the fall when they are sent out again. The club paid $2 each for that packet to go out. We think we can do better and save a lot if the member provides the stamp on the return envelope, and we use a smaller legal-sized envelope to send out to you. This will happen in October or November, a little earlier, so we can sell tickets to the annual event. We unanimously agreed that the 2016 dues will have to increase a little as well as the Fundraiser tickets. Cost of hall increases, food, help etc all ate away at our bottom line.
There were a pile of membership forms you all filled out and also with things you are interested in helping with and learning to do. This is exactly what I hoped would happen and want you to know we will do everything we can as a board and I, as president, to make you feel like you are getting what you hoped to find with this club. I almost left after my first year but glad I stayed and I had talked with Sam Bishop and John Cook at the time. There is something here for you or you would not be reading this now, on a metaphysical level, or simply that you just want to learn how to cast and tie a fly and catch a fish on your own creation. That's the process in that nutshell, then you are barbless hooked into fly fishing.
The Confab has come and gone at this printing, I hope someone who did not plan to attend had found out about the event and had a great time, purchased some great used gear and is planning a trip to the beach or the O'Neill Forebay.
Please welcome Doug Ouellette at the March meeting on the 4th. Doug comes to us, some will recognize, from the photos presented last fall by Ernie Gully of this happy face holding a 20-plus-pound Cutthroat from Pyramid. Doug and his clients seem to get the largest of the monsters cruising the lake. He told me one day he has fished there 40 years now. Hes probably one of the most pleasant guides and individuals I have met since being in the club and there have been so many great ones so far. Doug will present "Pyramid Lake-Land of the Giants". He will also be available to guide our group during the club fishout later in March.
This is your club, please come to the meetings, make a new friend, volunteer, fish with someone new and stay active, fishing is a wonderful exercise. Peace, and stay safe out there.

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