For Sale:
Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise

True rotary vise, little used, bought last summer.
Have added a better quality bobbin holder. New cost $99, asking $55.
Call Jon Bowman (831) 423-7394

For Sale:
1. Mosquito Magnet:
One of the high-end models. Operates on standard propane tank. Mosquitoes are territorial -if you kill off all in an acre from your house you will have no more mosquitoes the rest of the season. Use for several seasons and you will rarely see a mosquito at your home. Current similar model sells for $700 plus. I'm asking $100.
2. Electric fruit dryer for sale $75
Call David South Hm 722-4025 or Wk 728-2005

Portable table top, fly tying station

Made of Corian and wood; includes vise and threads.
Contact Elaine Cook at 688-1561 to claim.

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