The Red Hollywood
Submitted by Elaine Cook

Last month's fly tying class featured a fly with barbell eyes, so here's a chance to practice this technique. This fly is designed to fish in the surf and therefore would probably work for shad as well. You will want to use a fast sinking line and then take advantage of our club's fishouts that Sam Bishop coordinates. This is an easy fly to tie.

Hook:Saltwater Gamakatsu's SS15, Daiichi X point X452,
or Mustad 34007, size 6 - 8 (Directions written for size 6)
Thread:Red UTC Ultra Thread 140 denier or red flat wax nylon
Eyes:3/16" Barbell-color can vary but yellow is commonly used
Body:Red Wapsi Palmer Chenille, size medium

1. Crimp barb.
2. Attach thread behind hook eye. Cover shank with wraps half way back then forward to end - to - end barbell length behind the hook eye.
3. Attach barbell with tight figure eight wraps and circular wraps around base of barbells above hook shank. Repeat several times.
4. Advance thread in front of barbell then wrap a "rat nose" (see diagram). Wrap thread to bend of hook.
5. Apply fast drying epoxy to nose and barbell thread wraps. Allow to dry.
6. Tie in 2 4" strands of chenille. Advance thread to behind the barbells.
7. Wrap chenille forward in about 10 wraps. With each turn, stroke fibers to the rear. Tie off, cut excess.
8. Whip finish behind barbells. Cut thread. Apply Zap-a-Gap or similar product.

Note: These materials can be obtained from Bob Marriott's Fly Shop.
Note #2: A variation on this fly is the "Mrs. Bates". Change the thread to fluorescent orange and form the body with 6 wraps of small orange chenille then add 4 wraps of small pearl chenille.

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