What's New
by President Steve Rudzinski

This has been a good week, for getting out and hitting a couple beaches to see where the surf perch are eating, although I was 0-3 not including the annual Surf Perch Derby on Saturday where 300 fisherman one and all hit the beach to find a winning combination of fishing and catching.
Even though there were actually three fly fishermen who got prizes that day, including trophies and fishing rod, they were not from our club but I gave them a card just the same. Lots of kids fished and had a great time. One little girl and her dad came up to the weigh-in table with a five gallon bucket 2/3 full with a nice 12" black rubber lip, feisty as hell. It got weighed and measured and they later told me it swam away at the wharf. I had hoped she would have gotten the "Silver Shiner Perch Award" for doing the most special thing during the day.
Next plan of attack is our first senior softball tournament this weekend, and leaving for Pyramid Lake on Sunday morning to fish with the gang from the "Animal House". We and a few other members are taking the clinic put on by last month's speaker, Doug Ouellette. After last month's meeting, both of us camped out at New Brighton Beach thinking it was a great idea to have a campfire, some good cold beer, and BBQ, some good sausage, and other "pu-pus".
Thanks to five or six die-hard club members who brought firewood and helped us celebrate a good meeting and talk about fishing Pyramid later in March. Doug said it was the best time he has ever had with any fly fishing club or group. Later he called me and offered a clinic at the lake for 75 percent off or $50 for the whole day.
By now you may all have read about the NASA report saying we have about one year of water left in California and rainfall after this month will not be sufficient to put a dent in the aquifer. I will be helping plant Coho into the Scott Creek watershed this Thursday, and other volunteers are releasing the remainder of the steelhead smolts into the San Lorenzo River. It's not likely we will be trapping adults returning this year so that means no planting next year and beyond if we do not get rain.
Another news item I discovered at the Perch Derby put on by the MBSTP hatchery volunteers is that the Santa Cruz Port District has made the decision to not have our Salmon Sea Pen Project return. The general manager has determined to terminate the project for several years. When life gives out lemons, you make lemonade. The salmon sea pen project (SSPP) is now welcomed with open arms at Moss Landing with grants to get a new pen worthy of repelling sea lions and birds.
The Harbor staff will hoist the pen in and out yearly and store it for free, saving the project thousands. Fishing outside the jaws of Moss Landing in a few years should be fantastic again, they all said.
Hope you come out to the next meeting, come early and cast behind the hall and not in the front parking lot. (5:30 PM, club rods are supplied). Our guest speaker is Rick Mazaira, who will present a program on western Sierra fishing and who is home-based in Oakdale CA. Hope to see a full house again this month. Please be careful out there as one of our softball teammates was the driver of the F-150 truck that was hit by the seven teens on Freedom Blvd. on his way home from a team meeting and get-together. Every day and moment is precious, so get out there and go fishing.

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