Thorax Mayfly
Submitted by Elaine Cook

Mayflies are one of the most abundant food sources for trout. This style of tying an adult (dry fly) is easy and changing colors can imitate a variety of species. Some common ones are listed below.

Baetis (BWO)olivelight greylight grayolivelight dun
PMD*olivemedium greymed. greyyellow/olive mixmed. dun
March Browntancreambrowntanbrown

*Pale Morning Dun

Hook:TMC 100 sizes 14 - 20
Wing:Turkey flats
Tail:Neck hackle barbs
Body:Super fine dubbing
Hackle:Saddle best, or neck

1. Crimp barb.
2. Attach thread a little behind eye, wrap 1/3rd back on shank.
3. To form the wing, with barb tips lined up evenly, cut a section 1/3" wide for size 14 hooks, or a little narrower for 16 - 20, from near the stem. Bunch together, tie in to top of shank with tips extending hook shank length forward. Hold upright while making several wraps in front of base to hold it in place. Cut butts at an angle and tie down. With touching wraps, wrap to rear of shank.
4. Tail: Select a feather with long barbs from the side of the neck, these are the stiffer barbs. Stroke the barbs against the grain so that they stand out at right angles to stem and tips line up, Don't use the fuzzy part. Cut section 1/4" wide for size 14 hooks, narrower for 16 - 20 hooks and bunch together. Lay on top of shank with tips extending hook shank length beyond shank. Cut butts so they extend to wing. Wrap in place forward to wing and return thread to rear of shank.
5. Dub a very narrow tapered body to mid shank.
6. Select hackle feather with barbs 1 1/2 hook gap. Cut off fuzzy end, stroke barbs against grain at butt end and cut 5 - 6 barbs short along stem forming a "crew cut". With tip of feather to the rear and the dull side toward you, tie in "crew cut" to shank with part behind the wing and part in front. Position thread mid shank.
7. Dub body forward, larger taper at base of wing (see diagram) then taper down toward eye. Finish body one eye length behind eye.
8. Wrap hackle forward, 3 wraps behind wing, 3 wraps in front. (2 of each for 18 - 20 sized hooks) Tie off, cut excess.
9. Wrap a small thread head, whip finish, cut thread. Trim off any whiskers.

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