Busy May
By President Steve Rudzinski

It's been a busy month since the last report, first of all, my trip to Pyramid Lake to fish and check out the home I had convinced myself to purchase was, as I reported last month about having Harebrained ideas, was exactly that. Real estate agents are very adept at promoting total dumps as palaces. My good friend "Yog" who went to see it with me said, "Stosh, if you buy this place, all the guys will make excuses not to visit you here". All I can say is that four cats have turned this place into one big "cat box". My nose is running just thinking about it now.
The next issue we discussed last night at our board meeting is to follow through on the proposal brought up by Dennis Davie a couple meetings ago to change the name of our organization to bring it up to the present gender neutral trend that many other fly clubs are using. Dropping "fishermen" to something else like "fishers" or "fly casters" or as we voted on a 9-4 agreement to bring this idea to the club membership itself. This is only the first step in making a change and we agreed to let the members decide on this issue. We all hope as many members possible will vote on this idea so we can move on or remain the same. The question is whether our name actually prohibits potential female members from joining our ranks. I know there will be a lively discussion as we had in the Steele's living room last night. Keep an eye out in your email for the opportunity to vote on this potential change.
Those who attended our annual Quail Hollow Ranch public education day, more appropriately dubbed "Fly Fishing 101", all agreed it was a lot of fun and the public that attended had big smiles as they tied flies and made casts out on the lawn. Special thanks to our Facilities guy Steven Rawson for all the shopping and logistics and our VP Milana for putting it together although she had to work her regular job that day. Tim Loomis performed the introduction to fly fishing to a large crowd of beginners, Walt Robinson, Sam Bishop provided casting instruction, Elaine Cook led another group of volunteers in the fly tying room while Dennis Davie and myself grilled up burgers and dogs for the crowd. I want to thank those who volunteer and it always seems that the same dedicated people appear each year to make events like this happen.
I am off now to the MBSTP sea pen now at Moss Landing to help bring in our first delivery of Chinook salmon. The construction this year of the pen was a challenge as the conditions inside the harbor are not as calm and serene as in the Santa Cruz harbor. Sea lions watch us constantly and it is going to be very interesting how this plays out. (to be continued). Home now, the pen was coated with a heavy blanket of mossy weeds that took us over an hour to rake out before we could accept fish. An all day event and tired but over sixty thousand fish are swimming inside the enclosure with two more deliveries in the next two weeks.
Hope you can attend the June meeting and as usual, wear your name badge and bring a few extra bucks to win a rod or reel or other goodie, it all goes for a great cause. See you soon.

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