Central Coast Fly Fishing sponsors Carmel River Graffiti and trash abatement slated for Saturday, June 13th
For the past two years, the Steinbeck Country Chapter of Trout Unlimited has been working to clean up the fishing access to the Salinas River at Highway 1. On Saturday, June 13th, the Chapter will focus its attention on the Carmel River, beginning at Highway 1. Illegal "campers" have been residing along the Carmel River behind the Crossroads Shopping Center, creating a mess and posing potential public safety concerns. Though the "campers" have been evicted, their trash remains as well as the graffiti on the bridge footings. Almost every bridge along the Carmel River has been tagged. The number of volunteers we get for June 13th will determine how far we progress upstream and whether or not we break up into small teams. Volunteers should bring work gloves, heavy boots, waders, any tools to help pick up trash, a brimmed hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Paint will be provided and some painting tools. TU members and non-TU folks interested in pitching in can contact Geoff Malloway at geoff@centralcoastflyfishing.com or 831-626-6586 for further details.

* Patagonia/SCFF evening - Sunday, June 14th, 5:00- 8:00 pm - 415 River St., Santa Cruz

Join us at the Patagonia Santa Cruz Outlet to celebrate "June Fly Fishing month". Patagonia is graciously hosting this fun event and is providing the space along with food and beverages. The Steinbeck Country Chapter of Trout Unlimited is co-hosting, and our club is providing fly tying demonstrations. Geoff Malloway, owner of Central Coast Fly Fishing will run the casting clinic, and Mikey Wier, Patagonia fly fishing ambassador and Cal Trout spokesman will be our guest speaker. Please call Tim Loomis at 345-8411 ASAP if you can volunteer to tie flies, and plan to attend, as this evening benefits us as well as TU and Patagonia.
415 River Street, Santa Cruz, California

* 2015 International Federation of Fly Fishers Fair Information- August 13th-15th-Bend, OR
We are sending you this email for your information and just in case your latest edition of the Flyfisher magazine containing the Fair Registration Guide has not reached you yet. Fair registration will open June 8th at 9 am MST.

(Click on image at left for registration link)
Before you register for the Fair you will need your membership number, or you can join when you register. If you cannot find your membership number, please call our office prior to June 8th. If you are not a member you can still register, however only members get discounted pricing on workshops.
We are open 8 am to 5 pm MDT. We will be inundated with phone calls the morning of June 8th and some workshops fill up quickly, so we strongly encourage you to call us prior to registration opening.
To register go to the Fair main page on our website and there will be a "Register Now" button for you to click to get started. Have your member number ready and we advise that it may help for you to fill it out the registration pages and have them beside you when you start. Don't forget to have your credit card too.
Don't forget a fishing license! If you're planning to take on-the-water workshops or just do some recreational fishing while in Bend, you will need an Oregon fishing license; which you can buy online and print before you even leave your house! The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's website is where you can purchase licenses.
Our host hotel this year is the Riverhouse Hotel and Convention Center. Rooms are filling up fast, make your reservations now!
We hope this information has been helpful to you and we hope to see you in Bend this August. Feel free to call our office if you have any questions.
Jessica Atherton-Federation of Fly Fishers
Fly Fishing Fair Coordinator
5237 US Hwy 89 So, Ste. #11
Livingston, MT 59047

* Crowley Lake Fishing Seminars by Ernie Gulley
Ernie has given several excellent presentations at our club meetings. He guides Crowley Lake and the stillwaters of the Eastern Sierra.

He has offered his services to us regarding any outing we may have to Crowley Lake. Since he guides and is on the water all of the time at Crowley, he can give us an up-to-the minute report and put everyone on the fast track to immediately catching fish. He's been doing this for other fly fishing clubs and has had good feedback from the clubs.
His mini clinics are usually the night before starting an outing to prepare everyone for the next day. His clinics cover maps of the lake, specific areas of the lake that have been the most productive, depths of each area fishing the best and flies and colors of what is working the best at that specific time on the lake. He can also guide anyone who wants to be guided on the lake on his 22-foot bay boat and supply as many boats as are needed.
Since we are traveling a very long distance to this destination this is a very valuable way to learn and be up to speed on what is happening out on the water and no time will be wasted trying to figure anything out on the water.
He says he would appreciate the opportunity to help make our outings more pleasurable for our fishouts to Crowley Lake in the future. Call him at 909-953-1770 for more info and/or to book a trip.

* Wild Steelheaders United needs members

Join fellow Trout Unlimited members and anglers from across the country who want to restore wild steelhead in their native range from Alaska to California. Join Wild Steelheaders United today!
The Credo:
Wild steelhead must be protected, restored and sustained.
Wild steelhead can thrive and support fishing opportunity.
It is not the type of fishing gear you use that counts, but how you fish and how you care for the resource.
In using sound science to manage steelhead.
In respectful dialogue to solve problems, not rigid ideological positions.
In short-term sacrifice for long-term, durable progress.
It is not possible to rebuild fishable wild steelhead populations in every river and that some rivers should be set aside for hatcheries.
Wild steelhead-and steelhead anglers-cannot wait for Providence or government agencies to deliver solutions. Together we can make a difference. Comebacks are possible.
Wild Steelheaders United is the new angler advocacy community created by Trout Unlimited to advance our Wild Steelhead Initiative, which was launched in November. No other group has more potential to bring back wild steelhead than Trout Unlimited. To realize this potential we need our members to build the ranks of Wild Steelheaders United. By signing you join a growing list of anglers who are ready to make change happen. No cost. No fuss. In exchange, we'll keep you up to date on the latest news and science, and let you know when you can take action to support wild steelhead.
Now to add a little friendly competition:
The TU Chapter with the most members of Wild Steelheaders United members by Sept. 15th will win a new Sage Spey Rod and a guided steelhead trip on the Oregon Coast. View more information. The winning chapter will be announced at the TU National Meeting in Scranton, PA. There is strength in numbers. So please sign our credo and make a difference. Go to www.wildsteelheaders.org/take-the-pledge.html.

* FFF Lahontan Trout Recovery-Summer 2015
June - September 2015 / Silver and Slinkard Creeks, CA

Volunteers are needed this coming summer for a landmark conservation project in the Eastern Sierras. Take part in the restoration of Silver and Slinkard Creeks as habitat is returned to the region's majestic native fish, the Lahontan cutthroat trout. This project will occur from late June through September.
Volunteers will work in conjunction with paid interns to clear brush around both waterways, as well as assist in the removal of the invasive brook trout. Experience with hand and power tools will be particularly valuable. Participants will be asked to arrive on a Thursday and contribute through the weekend.
The project is a joint effort of a consortium of the region's fly fishing and conservation groups, including the Southwest Council of the International Federation of Fly Fishers, Cal Trout, Trout Unlimited, California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Please join us in this daunting yet rewarding undertaking, and in the process learn more about this coveted species and habitat. For more information, contact Jack Marshall at conservation@goldenstateflycasters.org or 805-966-7773.

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