Editor's Note: At the time of writing, John and Elaine have been on the road for two weeks, and have been kind enough to send a report of their journey. Enjoy...
* On The Road with John and Elaine:
Early June:
We had a pretty good day on the lower Owens with dry flies. There was almost no one there; perhaps because it was during the week following Memorial Day weekend. Then we had a superb day in the Owens River George. But boy, is it becoming rugged. Mr. Beaver has downed the trees, the brush and nettles thickly line the edges. All in all, to travel upriver it's almost impossible to get in and out of the stream, but in doing so you're climbing over and under logs, over rocks, and going through deep holes. Doesn't look like many crazy people go there at all. Davis Lake was a complete bust. Now on I-80 heading east and onto other fishy waters.
New Book: One of the club's prior members, who was editor for awhile, has published a new book, his second. He asks "do you remember me, Jack Campbell?". The book contains contributions from one of our prior club presidents, Dan Watson, as well as another member, Bruce Watson. The book is titled "What the Fly Rod Saw". If you are interested in checking it out, Google it by book name.

* Four days of May - Jeff Goyert and Jim Tolonen

We only had four days, and did not want to cross over into Memorial day weekend, so we left early Tuesday morning expecting to fish the Sonora Pass Stanislaus/Clark Fork area. Surprise snow closure caused us to re-route, to waters we had not fished before along Tioga pass. Caught a few nice rainbow each along both the Middle and Lower forks of the Tuolumne River; indicating and stripping. Then had dinner parked along Ellery Lake, spectacular in the cliffs and snow, and with trout slurping all over the middle of the lake, and a bald eagle watching. Maybe float tubes next time?
Made it down to Crowley Lake Marina through snow flurries, just after the gates were locked for the night, so spent the night at the pull-over waiting for our guided trip with Joe Contaldi ((818-288-0583; MatukaJoe@yahoo.com). Joe worked his butt off to get us each Crowley Lake grand slams of Browns plus Rainbows plus Cutthroats, with a 26 fish day, in some pretty nasty weather. The browns bit best during the hail storms! All long line nymphing, where Joe taught us a few new tricks.
Had dinner in Bridgeport, with a mandatory stop at Ken's Sporting goods, then on to the Owens bridge campground, for a hot shower. Joe had said the cutthroats were coming up out of Crowley to spawn, and were they ever! Big colorful fish holding in every riffle. Not all that interested in eating, but OK to fool a few huge fish who were waiting to see if they would get a chance to spawn.
Thursday afternoon we drove on to the East Carson and camped along the river outside of Markleeville. We had heard they had just put five hundred pounds of half to two pound fish in, but the snow, hail and rain had blown out the river. Tried hard but for naught. (Note, never leave fish to find fish!) Stopped at the West Carson for a couple hours on the way home, Friday, Jeff caught a brown and a rainbow between the parking area and the bridge. Home by dinner time, driving against all the three day weekend traffic. It was a great four days on four different waters, with fish every day. What a great place we live in.

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