Midnight Cowboy
Submitted by Elaine Cook

Although this streamer first became popular at Pyramid Lake, it is proving to be effective in many other still waters.

Hook:TMC 200R, size 6
Thread:Black 6/0
Tail:Black marabou, fluffy at the tips or break straight tips off
Tail Flash:Both red and blue Flashabou
Body:Speckled chenille midnight fire
(black chenille with strands of both red and blue flash)
Hackle:Black strung hackle, AKA India hen back

1. Crimp barb.
2. Attach thread behind eye, wrap to rear above barb.
3. Cut a moderate amount of marabou from the stem. Lay on top of shank 2 eye lengths behind eye and tie in place on top of shank. Break tips so they extend hook length behind shank. (Note: our speaker at the March meeting suggests a tail half that length)
4. Select one strand of each color of flash. Tie center of each to rear of shank. Fold backwards on each side of tail. Secure at rear of shank.
5. Holding tip of hackle, stroke all other barbs against the grain. Tie tip to rear of shank with the shiny side toward you. Advance thread to one eye length behind eye.
6. Strip 1/4" of chenille from center threads. Tie threads to shank. Wrap chenille to rear of shank in touching wraps, then back forward to tie-in. Tie off, cut excess.
7. Spiral (palmer) hackle forward in about 8 wraps, stroking barbs backward with each wrap. Tie off, cut excess.
8. Wrap thread head. Whip finish. Cut thread. Apply Zap-a-Gap or similar.

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