Summer is Here
By President Steve Rudzinski

July is quick to arrive I am thinking and time to get this message to Pat and Kirk for publication as I sit here at Lake Almanor on this fine Fathers Day 2015.
Dad once said that Father's Day was not that important, Mother's Day, yes, but he would be just fine without the former. Of course the card and gift companies love it, any chance to sell more stuff. I am wondering if there may be a "Brother's Day" or "Sister's Day" added somewhere down the line. (I have to admit that I was really hoping I would have gotten a nice message from my only child today). It's still early in the day.
We had one of the most lively guest speakers at the June meeting, I counted 29 heads and was feeling a little disappointed by the low turnout and wondering if it is just that time of year when a majority of members are out of town on a fishing trip or not having an expensive guest speaker present photos of trout from some far away place, I don't know the answer but I must say that Dennis Davie has turned a corner in our programs on his first two guest speakers he booked. Herman Garcia made a strong argument for local watershed protection and stewardship by turning around the Pajaro River and its tributaries and organizing trash removal and including children into the program to help remove debris and better yet, teach their parents that it is not okay to dump things in streams and the land around them.
I am sure that those who stayed through the entire program left with a smile from this fine public servant's efforts to make a difference locally. Herman said that in 2007, his first year, he hired two biologists to count fish returning to the upper reaches of the Pajaro River. They counted less than 10 fish, the next year, after removal of some 50 metric tons of trash, the fish return was in the hundreds, and a year later a couple thousand. He asserts that cleaning the river gives fish a chance to survive and reclaim their numbers.
The July meeting falls on the first of the month and as has been our tradition the last few years, we are going to have a club BBQ in lieu of a general meeting. As is the case again, volunteers are hard to find and we need them if we are going to grow. Come a little early and help us set up or stay late to clean up. Sam and Robert will be setting up the casting clinic early at 5:30 for those who want to get a little practice time. Roy has volunteered to purchase food and cook again this year, and unfortunately we did not have anyone organize the Aptos Parade event we got first place ribbons in the last two years. (we were good and the crowds and especially the kids loved us).
I really hope we can see more faces at the event on the first, if you bring a dish to share or prefer throwing something of your own on the grill as we are having our usual dogs and burgers cooked to perfection. A special thank you to our board members who put up with me and for their commitment to the organization. See you at the Grange July 1st.

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