* Late June - On the road with the Cooks and Kathy Powers

In June, in the Rocky Mountains, the Firehole River is closed! Very little snow this year, so there wasn't enough cold water to keep the river cold enough to not stress the fish being caught.
Look what we had to contend with one morning when we arrived at the Madison River to go fishing. Well, they moooved on, and we had the best dry fly fishing we've ever had on the Madison River. We have enjoyed the company of Chris Walters, Mike DiCiano, and Richard Kline at the Owyhee and Madison Rivers. We are currently on the ponds outside Cody, WY. A delightful wind is blowing. Kathy Powers, John and myself are having a cocktail overlooking the lake, with beautiful mountains in the distance. We are on BLM land and totally alone. We have fished this lake and one about 1/8 mile away and had great success.
On Secret Lake in Wyoming, it was a damsel delight, in a float tube, stalking large rainbows that are eagerly eating adult damsels on the surface and out of the air, around and in the tules. What fun and so many fish. We'll see the Green River group soon!

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