Zebra Mdige
Submitted by Elaine Cook

This is a perfect tailwater (below a dam) fly, simulating the smallest insects fish prey upon. It is most effectively fished as a dropper below a dry fly indicator. Use between 12 - 18 inches of tippet tied of the bend of your dry fly. If your dry fly moves erratically, disappears, or there is a rise near your dry fly, set up! The mighty trout probably just took your midge.

Hook:Tiemco 2487, size 18 - 22
Thread:Black 8/0
Bead:Small silver
Tail:Pearl Krystal Flash (optional)
Rib:Fine silver wire

1. Crimp barb.
2. Thread bead on hoop, smaller hole first.
3. Attach thread behind bead.
4. Lay wire on top of shank, butted against thread tie in point, extending toward rear.
5. Wrap thread down shank with touching wraps, ending 1/3 around bend of hook.
6. Tie in tail on top of shank with two thread wraps.
7. Make one wrap of thread under wire.
8. Wrap thread back to bead, making a thin tapered body.
9. Wrap rib forward in about 8 wraps, 6 wraps for size 22.
10. Make one extra wrap of wire behind bead, then twist wire to cut.
11. Tie off thread behind bead, but don't bulk up.
12. Cut tail to 2 times hook length.
NOTE: To tie a Tiger Midge, substitute with gold bead and wire.

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