The Green River 2015
By John Steele

The drive across Nevada was different this year. The desert had gotten all our rain, and was a symphony of various shades of green. I have never seen it prettier. We had a good CD book to listen to, so the drive was one of the easiest I have ever had.
Some of us got to the Flaming Gorge Lodge on Saturday, only to find that they had changed our arrival day to Sunday. Fortunately, we had the printout of the e-mail reservations confirming our Saturday arrival, so they put us all up in large, very well appointed trailers. We moved to the veranda motel rooms we wanted in the first place on Sunday.
We changed the trip from May to July, so we'd get better weather, because in years past, we sometimes had snow. We had unsettled weather all week long this time, with sun in the morning, and lightning, thunder, rain and even hail in the afternoon. One day, when Pat and I did a drift trip (Bob Peterson and George Pike also took a drift trip that day), we had hail the size of grapes pelting us, and depending on which guide you talked to, 80 to 100 MPH wind. It was exciting!
The fish bit begrudgingly all week but the fish we caught were all in great shape and mainly in the 17 1/2" to 19 1/2" range, and fat. Everybody got fish most days, but not in great numbers. The path along the river was very overgrown with willows and brush, making it difficult to fish from the bank. George and Bob went to the reservoir with their float tubes and caught trout and bass.
There were thirteen of us, Peter Fabian and wife Melody were there for a few days on their way back to their new home back east, and Sam and Elena Bishop flew in for a short visit on Friday. Kathy Powers, Elaine and John Cook, Tom Pelikan and Noelle Nichols, Cecilia and Dick Stipes, and the aforementioned George Pike and Bob Peterson made up our group. We ate well at the Lodge restaurant, had a party at The Snag, a floating restaurant at the reservoir on Sunday, and Gene and Renee Gautieri, a guide and his wife, graciously invited us all to their home on Thursday for a barbecue, which was very nice. On Friday, our last night there, we dined at a nice restaurant at Red Canyon Lodge, where they let us have their upstairs conference room.
The company was a lot of fun, and I think everyone who went will want to return. It was one more great Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen fishouts, so you should come and join us next year, if you want to experience great camaraderie, excellent guides, good-sized, high quality fish and beautiful canyon scenery.

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