Christmas Bugger
Submitted by Elaine Cook

Don't let the name confuse you. It's not designed to fish around the holidays, although that would be fine. Rather, the red and green colors are the determining factor. Last fall at the Mammoth FishOut you couldn't keep the fish off it. Just ask Gary Hazelton and Michael DiCiano.

Hook:TMC 5262, size 12
Thread:Olive 8/0
Bead:Small glass red bead
Tail:Olive marabou, fluffy to tips, and rainbow Krystal Flash
Rib:Red wire
Hackle:Dun, undersized, equal to hook gap
Body:Red Krystal Flash and Green Ice Dub
CollarGreen Ice Dub

(Note: can substitute a green bead, which would be put on after the red bead.)

1. Crimp barb.
2. Slip bead onto hook, small hole first.
3. Attach thread behind bead, wrap to rear of shank.
4. Lay moderate amount of marabou on top of shank, tips extending to the rear a little more than hook length. Tie it snugly forward to 1/4th back on shank. Tie off, cut excess. Return thread to rear of shank.
5. Cut one strand of tail flash in half. Tie in center of strands, then fold forward strands back and tie in place. Cut them 2/3rd the length of tail.
6. Butt wire up against bead, tie to top of shank. Return thread to rear of shank.
7. Tie in tip of hackle.
8. Using a bowl, cut red flash into lots of 1/4" pieces. Add clump of Ice Dub and mix together. Using dubbing loop, dub a narrow body forward to 1/4 back on shank. Trim long fibers into mixing bowl, but leave shaggy.
9. Palmer hackle forward in about 6 - 7 turns.
10. Counter-wrap wire forward in about 6 - 7 turns, using a back and forth motion through hackle barbs to prevent them from becoming matted down. Make 2 - 3 turns behind bead, twist to cut off.
11. Dub a small collar behind bead using dubbing loop. Trim long fibers.
12. Whip finish behind bead. Cut thread.

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