End of Summer Musings
By President Steve Rudzinski

Hello again,
I am fortunate to be helping out some friends with house sitting here at the lake and enjoying the quiet nights with bright star clusters and meteors whizzing and bats buzzing.
Getting this report off to Pat is more important than lugging the gear to the lake and still waiting for some wind around mid-day that always helps for a better bite.
As the summer fades to fall my hope is for an early rain this year, with all the fires and stressed or dying fish struggle for what little oxygen is left and trying to find any spring offering a degree or two cooler spot to survive. We have all seen the Weather Channel and the internet reports for an early and large El Nino.
The hopes of Californians in this last year of water supply to our large cities, farms and areas where water is almost now gone in the central valley and places as near as Lompico all are for rain; they are keeping fingers crossed, prayers said and mantras ritualized. Whatever process you use, we can perhaps agree that the overall power of mind or the group energy directed at something as important as rain and lots of it, may be a motto for us all on which to focus our good thoughts.
I personally want to thank Rich Rubin for his five-star presentation at the last meeting. This high quality program took a lot of thought and certainly held everyone's attention. I think we all learned something completely new, I certainly did, especially when he had a member hold the leader to the scale to see how much pressure is actually put on the fish (so much less than I ever thought). This one should have been videoed and hopefully Rich can do it again next year. This is the kind of home grown club activity that interests me (and others) the most. (also having a beer afterwards at "Burger" with the gang topped off a great August meeting.
If you have not attended a meeting in awhile, please try to attend, wear your name badge and make a new friend and plan a fishing trip or show off some photos from your latest trip. We did not have a raffle in August but am certain that there will be one at the next meeting so bring an extra few bucks. Casting in the parking lot will start at 5:30 PM for those who need a little practice. We love to see those new members, who bring their high energy and keep us a vital organization of fly fishermen.

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