* Sept. 13th-Sept. 20th - Tsiu River, Alaska - Pat and John Steele

We set out on our Alaskan adventure on Sunday, and after several plane changes, reached Cordova, spent the night there, then were met by the outfitter and taken back to Cordova airport for our flight to Tsiu. The plane to Tsiu, an Otter, flew low enough that we were treated to a scenic tour of the coastline. Our group consisted of Norm Bedell, John and Scotty Burke, Burt Reese and Bob Peterson.
The first day of fishing, Pat was doing everything everyone else was doing, using the same fly, casting out into the same dropoff, drifting and stripping just like everyone else, but she got skunked and was a bit downhearted about it. The guide was equally frustrated.

Once John switched her terminal tackle to a shooting head, and she was able to get down to where the fish were, she came up a winner. She got more than her share of bright shiny silver salmon and felt much better about it. The rest of the group also caught their limits, and the day ended on a high note.
The top water action that happened last year wasn't going on this year, so weighted lines and flies were the ticket, including clausers and buggers, the favorite colors being chartreuse and hot pink.
The rest of the week continued to be very productive, despite some inclement weather, which did not deter Norm, who braved the elements one afternoon long after the rest of us had gone back to the warmth of the lodge. He's a trouper, and he came to catch fish, and that's what he did.
We can't say enough good things about Alaska Wilderness Outfitters, who saw to our every need, fed us delicious meals, brought us hot coffee on the river, riverside lunch, or, if we chose, ferried us back to the lodge for lunch, and provided us with top notch accommodations. We already plan on going back next year!

* Various locations in Alaska - late September - Sam Bishop and Roy Gunter
Sam Bishop and Roy Gunter both sent in photos from Alaska, but no Fishy Tales, however, knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words, here is the evidence:

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