Brown and Yellow Clouser
Submitted by Elaine Cook

More and more club members are enjoying or plan to enjoy the O'Neal Forebay for stripers. Jim Hall's Fishout there is just around the corner. Clousers are one of the more popular patterns that work well for stripers and they can be tied in a great variety of materials and colors. Here's one to add to your box. Elaine recently used this pattern very effectively in the Forebay.

Hook:Mustad 34007 size 1/0, 2/0 or 3/0
Thread:White 3/0 monocord or equivalent
Eyes:1/30 or 1/40 OZ barbells or lighter for smaller sizes
Lower Body
(part 1):
Mega Baitfish Flash, pearl color (Hareline),
or Spectra Mylar Motion, pearl color (Spirit River),
or Fire Fly, pearl
Lower Body
(part 2):
Yellow craft fur or yellow deer hair
or Crafty Foxx Fur, yellow
Upper Body:Brown craft fur or Crafty Foxx Fur, sculpin brown/tan color (Targus)
Lateral Line:Grizzly hackle (neck) barbs equal to 1/2 hook gap

1. Crimp Barb. Attach thread 1/3rd back on shank and create a base for the eyes. Attach eyes on top of shank, 1/4 back. Attach with figure 8 wraps and secure with Zap-A-Gap, head cement, or similar. Leave thread hanging in front of eyes.
2 A. Lower body part 1. Although this might appear to be the upper body, the fly inverts due to the weight and position of the eyes, making the fly less likely to snag the bottom or vegetation. Note, the Mega Baitfish material comes with the ends stitched to a cloth strip. Cut a 1/2 inch piece. For the other options, use a 1/2 matchstick width clump. Lay centers on top of shank where thread hangs. Make 2 thread wraps and move thread behind eyes. Fold forward strands back over eyes and wrap snugly in place. Advance thread to in front of eyes.
2 B. Lower body part 2. Use clump 1/2 the diameter of a matchstick. Clean out underfur. Even tips by pulling out long tip fibers and stacking them on other fibers. Measure tips from rear ends of Mega Baitfish to front of hook eye. Cut butts at a slight angle. Move butts to rear of hook eye, tie in snugly. Trim any whiskers then build a nose that narrows from barbells to hook eye. Move thread behind eyes. Bring bundle over eyes. Snugly tie down keeping bundle on top of shank. Whip finish, cut thread; apply Zap-a-Gap or head cement to all thread wraps and over eyes.
3. To form the upper body, turn hook upside down. Reattach thread in front of barbell eyes. Prepare material the same as the lower body part 2, stopping where instructions indicate "Move thread behind eyes."
4. To create the lateral line, select hackle that extends from hook eye to neat tips of body fibers. Cut 6 - 8 barbs short on each side of base of stem. Tie this "crew cut" to the nose of fly, one on each side, tips to rear with the dark side facing outward.
5. Whip finish, cut thread.
6. Apply Zap-a-Gap to all nose thread wraps.

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