Psychological Selfies
By President Steve Rudzinski

So I was scrolling through social media stuff this morning and here it is, the self help, 10 steps for Self Care, although 12 were listed below the heading (Perhaps a test to see if you are paying attention). Some of these things all of us, especially myself, rang true.
Starting with: If it feels wrong, don't do it, say exactly what you mean, don't be a "people pleaser", trust your instincts, never speak bad about yourself, never give up on your dreams, don't be afraid to say NO, don't be afraid to say YES, be kind to yourself, let go of what you can't control, stay away from drama and negativity and finally the most important one, LOVE.
Thinking about every one of these phrases, every one of them I can attribute to my time/tenure in this club at this post. I have learned so much about myself during this time, things already known and the scary unknown parts that emerged. It was always my intention to be every one's friend and like my father, who also shared that intent, said to me in a conversation we once had about likeability. He looked bewildered but agreed that "letting go of what you can't control" and "don't be a people pleaser" were two tough assignments. "speaking bad about yourself" another one whose intent is to be humble but without appearing weak.
Self discovery like finding the secret bass pond or fly that catches everything, is everything great that life has to offer (etc).
Speaking of discovery, I just learned that I will be greeting and dining with October guest speaker Cliff Sullivan while Dennis is off to Mammoth. Cliff says that he will be bringing some of the Jay Fair tying materials down from the Lassen watershed regions in what offers to be a very special meeting and presentation. Let us all turn out in force to welcome Cliff and discover some new hot flies to tie.
This will be the last meeting of the season for early casting instruction in the parking lot with Sam Bishop and friends, (after standard time begins, it will be too dark) casting begins at 5:30 PM, bring your rod or try one of our club "sticks". Also, keep your name badge in your car/truck and wear it proudly, as we all forget names even when we know them. There will be raffle prizes galore, win a new rod or reel, bring a friend and try to recruit someone new every year; this is how our club continues to grow. I'm feeling ready to pass the reins on as this is the time of year to elect or nominate new officers. The pitcher is ready, who is stepping up to the plate? The count so far: 3 balls 0 strikes.

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