Clown Shoe Caddis
Submitted by Elaine Cook

This pattern mimics the caddis in its emerging stage. The insect is very vulnerable as its body hangs down and the wings are coming out of the shuck above water.

Hook:TMC or TFS (The Fly Shop, Redding) 2487, size 12 -18
Thread:Dark brown, 8/0
Body:Small olive vinyl rib (or white or fluorescent green
Underbody:Narrow silver tinsel
Wing:Deer or Elk hair
Post:McFly foam or other posting yarn
Legs/Hackle:Grizzly, olive grizzly, or dun barbs equal to hook gap
Thorax:Dark brown squirrel dubbing

1. Attach thread above hook point.
2. With vinyl rib extending to rear, tie in end on top of shank and down 1/2 way to 2/3 way around bend of hook. Make 2 wraps back up.
3. Tie in tinsel so that when wrapped up shank the silver side will show. Advance thread to tie in then wrap tinsel in slightly overlapping wraps. Tie off, cut excess. Do 1 half hitch.
4. Wrap vinyl forward in touching wraps. Tie off, cut excess.
5. Cut small clump of hair from hide. Clean our underfur, stack tips. Tie in on top of shank, tips extending as far as 2/3 body. Make several snug touching wraps toward rear of fly onto body. Cut butt ends. Tie down stubs. Position thread 1/2 way between eye and wing.
6. Select thin strand of McFly Foam (about 1/4 - 1/5 of a strand). Fold in half. Place center on top of shank, make 2 tight thread wraps. Hold all material up, make a couple of thread wraps in front and behind bundle, then 1 helicopter wrap.
7. At butt end of hackle, cut 5 - 6 barbs short on each side (crew cut). Tie in behind post, dull side toward you. Cut excess stem.
8. Dub thorax behind and in front of post.
9. Make 2 - 3 wraps of hackle behind post, then 1 - 2 in front. Tie off, cut excess.
10. Pull all material back, make a couple of thread wraps, then whip finish.
11. Cut thread. Trim any hackle protruding forward. Pull post up tightly and trim at hackle tips. Turn fly upside down, trim bottom hackle leaving stubby projections.

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