O'Neill Forebay Fishout - October 22 - 25
By Elaine Cook

All in all, it was a great outing. Some did extremely well, others worked hard and didn't do as well, while others were experiencing the fishery for the first time. Our Fishmaster, Jim Hall, was unable to attend due to a rib injury. As I write this, he is doing better. It was great to see so many people participate. Too many to name, which, if my math is correct, numbered 21. Our fishing took us to many widely spread places of the Forebay in float tubes, pontoon boats and some crazy looking thing that Sam brought. Top dog for the number of fish caught in one day was Steve, with 44. Both Sam and Steve caught 24 inchers. Don't know if anyone else did. I plan to feature Steve's magic fly in an upcoming Fly of the Month or Fly Tying Class.
We found the Forebay nearly devoid of all weeds. Apparently instead of harvesting the weeds and providing food for cattle, the powers that be sprayed the water with an herbicide. It doesn't seem to have any effect on the stripers or baitfish.
Jim plans to have another Forebay fishout next fall, so let's do it again!

Elaine Cook, Asst. Fishmaster reporting.

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