By President Steve Rudzinski

It's not the same feeling as when I counted down the days to my Navy discharge. Today I see the annual "Fun-Draiser" as my last day as your club president. Honestly, the job is not as repetitive and time consuming as putting out this newsletter on time and getting everyone to meet deadlines (I'm a day late) and also the person who puts on a fly tying class and draws up a diagram and puts all the materials together monthly as well as a cartoon to keep the paper light and happy. Other board members drive a long way to attend meetings and keep records of what business is conducted so we can keep it all clear and concise. Another manages to masterfully put all the numbers together so we are solvent and standing next to him is the one who makes sure we all pay dues yearly and designing a new system to set up for future volunteers to make their job a little easier, on top of that he stands tall to take over my position in 2016.
Let's not forget the last time you stood up in front of a large group to announce something and English is not your primary language. Here is a very special lady fighting her fear of being a stranger in a strange land and yet providing our group the two very special outings that takes a lot of organization. (ConFab, Quail Hollow) and with that great smile we all get for free. Our volunteers all deserve your thanks as this year comes to a close, for some it is a daily activity, always keeping the welfare of the "team" in mind.
We had a setback with selling tickets at Anglers Choice this year as Mark said he cannot do it anymore. This caught us by surprise and at this time the only way to get a ticket is to buy a couple at the meeting or from Jim Tolonen personally. (e-mail Jim or me and we will have a ticket at will call for you). The board agrees that if each member (you) would purchase one or three tickets, the club would be solvent the next 12 months.
We can fill the hall and we came close the last two years. Changes with the auction going from silent to live we think will be fun and bring in more loot as well.
So again, please come to the meeting and be prepared to pay dues, get tickets to the annual event and don't forget the monthly raffle as well. Wearing your name badge is always the thing to do and you make new friends that way, we all need that.

Let's think world peace and make it part of your daily life as well. We are so fortunate to be living here and successful in our lives. Please don't let hate and fear consume any part of you and forgive that person you meant to someday. Be happy this holiday season. Peace.

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