Thinly Disguised Attempt at Water Grab-Sign This Petition NOW!
Purposely hidden in section 202 of the 147 page bill SB 1894 is the planned eradication of non native species in the delta and its tributaries to include largemouth, smallmouth, striped bass, crappie and catfish. The inclusion of these species in this bill MUST be removed. They are being made the scapegoats for the demise of the salmon and Delta Smelt when in fact the pumps are the largest non discriminate predator in the Delta. This eradication mandate will decimate the natural balance that has existed for 140 years, while doing NOTHING for the drought which is what the bill is supposed to address. It will decimate sport fishing on the California Delta, as well as adversely affect many businesses that rely on income directly generated from Delta fishing, i.e., bait and tackle stores, hotels, restaurants, tackle manufacturers etc.

There are over 2300 local jobs that will be directly affected if this bill is passed; Guiding services, tournament staffing, Marinas, Bait and Tackle stores as well as grocery stores that will no longer have anglers to sell to. Boat dealers will go out of business with no fish to catch they will not be selling bass boats or V-Hulls so a dealerships like CandC, Anglers Marine and others whose customer base is fisherman will go out of business.
Fisherman purchase thousands of gallons of fuel each day to fish in both boats and tow vehicles that will no longer be happening because there are no fish to be caught, no tournaments to go to.
Hotels will suffer because they will not have two hundred anglers to use their rooms or eat at their restaurants or use their Casinos.
This bill would hurt a thousand to one people in the ratios of employment and recreations then it would help.
Sign the petition to stop this economic disaster and from allowing an ecologically disastrous water grab!

* 2015 Annual Club Slide Show

Chris Walters needs your photos from your 2015 fishing exploits, so he can compose the 2016 Slide Show. He prefers that you save whatever photos you have to a CD, but if you can't do that, please get them to him via e-mail,, no later than December 15th. If you have a CD and you won't be at the December club meeting, mail it to Chris at 4610 Fairway Dr., Soquel, CA 95073.
The Slide Show traditionally takes place at the January club meeting, which will be January 6th, and it's always a lot of fun seeing what your fellow club members were up to last year, so please share your photos and get them in to Chris ASAP.

* Alert! Chafing Dishes Needed!

If you can imagine it, November is when the menu for our magnificent fund-raiser gets put together. We have lost our source for borrowing chafing dishes and they are very useful for keeping some of the dishes hot on the serving tables. Do you have one or more, or know someone that we could borrow them from?
You ask, "what is a chafing dish?" It's a set of parts that allow a heat source under a pan of water to keep food hot in the next pan above that. If you can help, call Elaine at 688-1561.

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