Handing Over the Reins
By President Steve Rudzinski

At this time, we are five days to Christmas, the deadline for newsletter articles, and for me, the last of the three-year series of commentary. I have always liked writing, and this position in the club put me through to a lot of people whom I have come to see the dynamic lives in the individuals who show up for meetings and events.
I have fished with great fishers that I may have never met had it not been for this opportunity to serve our greater good, the conservators, who show up to plant fish or collect water samples, net and capture fish in the river, sit up all night checking the pens, and those who teach someone to fish, especially the children, who use our rods to cast at the annual children's outdoor day in Watsonville Fairgrounds or the Quail Hollow Public Education Day. These are all great opportunities to bring a smile to your face - and theirs.
So here we are in 2016, with our club meeting on the 6th for the annual photo show, featuring photos the members have turned in to Chris Walters. This is the "must meeting of the year". It's also time to renew your membership if you have not already done so using the new packet provided by our membership and next president, James Black (Jim).
This is also the time to purchase your ticket(s) to the Fun-Draiser on January 23rd. It's always the "make or break" party of the year for our club's operating budget. We encourage you to purchase a couple of tickets and donate to a friend. This is what members do to keep the doors open and pay the bills. We learned that advertising to the public brings in fewer than five people yearly. We can do better than last year, with some empty tables left.
I lost a best buddy this week. It has been like a week of disbelief and sadness knowing I will not laugh out loud listening to his stories and sharing amazing information about things you will never see or hear on the evening news. It's rare when you can connect so closely with someone who shares your views almost exactly, you can really open up and spill your truth without eye rolling, but an intelligent answer in reply. Vaughn Visnius was a colleague at Cabrillo Art Department in the 70's, and a photographer whose images of the harbor jetty and lighthouse at sunset have been shown all over the world.
Happy New Year everyone and I look forward to sitting out in the gallery again and let Jim run the show up front. Thanks to Steven Rawson who sets up early and Dennis Davie who understands the AV better than most and the the officers Roy Gunter and Jim Tolonen and the other chairmen and women who show up and put this all together for your entertainment (and ours). Please take care of yourself and get out there and hook a big one this year, break your own records. Be kind to yourself and others.

Peace, - over and out.

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