Publisher's Note

Your Newsletter
by Publisher and Webmaster Pat Steele

If you require a hard copy of the newsletter, I will continue to provide a printable .pdf file of it on the club website. You can download it and print it yourself, and of course, you have the option of only printing the article or articles you prefer from the website.

Our advertisers are featured on this website, under the "Bargain Barn."

Newsletter Deadline Dates for 2016
Deadline for June NewsletterSunday, May 22nd, 7:00 PM
Deadline for July NewsletterSunday, June 19th, 7:00 PM
Deadline for August NewsletterSunday, July 24th, 7:00 PM
Deadline for September NewsletterSunday, August 21st, 7:00 PM
Deadline for October NewsletterSunday, September 25th, 7:00 PM
Deadline for November NewsletterSunday, October 23rd, 7:00 PM
Deadline for December NewsletterSunday, November 20th, 7:00 PM
Deadline for January 2017 NewsletterSunday, December 18th, 7:00 PM

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