Date:Wednesday, June 1st
Time:Doors open at 6:45 PM
Meeting starts at 7:00 PM
Place:Aptos Grange, 2555 Mar Vista Dr., Aptos

Fly Fishing the South American Jungle
Member Speaker: Michael DiCiano

The presentation will be about a one- month trip that Sam Bishop and I took to South America. We started in Brazil, fishing the World Famous Auga Lodge for one week. Then we traveled cross county by bus to Guyana where we went into the Amazon Jungle 120 miles by small boat. We fished for the Arapaima gigas, the largest scaled freshwater fish in the world. We also fished for Piranha, Red tail Catfish, Payara (vampire fish), Needle Jaw fish and lots of other fish. We spent 17 days sleeping in hammocks and living in the jungle. We will talk about native customs and the way they live.
This promises to be a memorable and exciting presentation, and you will be very glad you attended this meeting, so mark it on your calendar now, and plan to be in the audience for this one!

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