* Pyramid Lake, April 10-14 - Al Montello, Lloyd Dyer, Ed Marcillac, Gil Santos
My friend Al, from Newburyport Mass, loves to fish Pyramid Lake. He and his brother Skip show up ever year for the club's annual March fishout. Hearing that I was going back in early April, he couldn't resist the urge to join me. Flying from Boston to San Francisco he arranged for his buddy Lloyd, who lives in the Bay Area to pick him up at the airport and join us on our fishing trip.
They decided to drive to the lake and fish that afternoon. Ed and I arrived the next day. Meeting them at the North Nets, they said fishing was slow, only three fish landed. After some discussion, I suggested to checkout South Nets and Pelican beach, fishing was also slow at those locations.
Arriving back at North Nets, Al says look at that "nervous waterÓ. Looking, I see dorsal fins "it's fish!" Grabbing our rods standing literally at water's edge we could see schools of fish milling around swimming back and forth. The males had milt erections and were bumping against females, apparently in their spawning cycle. Casting our lines no more than twenty feet we instantly hook up. Ed and Lloyd hearing us yell, got off their ladders joined in.
Within a few minutes, no one was on ladders, every fishermen was standing on the beach casting out from shore. Looking left or right you could see bent rods. This went on for about an hour and half when it finally subsided. The four of us stood there with big smiles commenting on the experience.
Groups of fishermen were discussing what they witnessed, one could hear snippets of their conversation, I made five casts and caught five fish. Three ladies came up to us, excited, asking if we seen a fly rod in the water. The three of them had fish on and wanting a picture, one of them reaching for her camera, laid the rod down on the sand. You guessed it, a fish swam off with rod and reel. I never heard if she ever found the rod.
Our club members have been fishing Pyramid Lake annually since 1989, observed many situations, from great fishing days to no fish days, bitter cold, rod and reels freezing up, wind so harsh you could not get off a cast, big waves knocking fishermen off ladders, falling in the water from slipping on slick clay or tripping over the big tires, vehicles getting stuck in the sand, and Otter and Alligator Awards for the victims. Our beloved deceased member and fly tying master Manny Gutierrez, had a spiritual connection with Pyramid. He often talked about the spirits, who would visit him in his dreams, showing him a fly he should tie and how to fish it. The mystique of this special place goes on captivating fishermen.

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