Buggy Eyes Froggy
Submitted by Elaine Cook

It's bass time again, and there is nothing more fun than inciting them with top water flies. This froggy pattern makes lots of commotion that gets Mr. Bass's attention.

Hook:Gamakatsu NS black size 4 OR Mustad 34007 size 4
Thread:Olive monocord or other sturdy thread
Weed Guard (optional):10lb. hard Mason leader
Legs:Olive grizzly hen hackle
Over body:2mm green closed cell foam
Under body:Olive strung hackle
Eyes:Doll eyes

1. Crimp body.
2. Attach thread behind eye. Make touching wraps to above hook point, then back to mid-shank.
3. Using 3" piece of hard Mason, position on top of shank, tip where thread hangs, remainder to the rear. Tie in place with touching wraps to halfway around the bend.
4. Select 3 leg feathers that are about 2 3/4" to 3 long from one side of cape. (see diagram) Cut off butt ends so feathers are 2" long. Some webbed barbs at the butt ends are fine. Stack and position butt ends on side of shank so that the curve of the feathers flare out and down. Tie in place on one side of shank. Select 3 feathers from the other side of cape and repeat as above on other side of shank. Wrap there back to above hook point.
5. Cut strip of foam 1/2" wide, then in 1 1/8" lengths. Shape. (see diagram) Stack 2 pieces. Position on top of shank, rounded tip forward and 1/8" in front of hook point. Tie snugly in place from hook point to front of foam. Apply Super Glue.
6. Select two 5" - 6" long strung hackle feathers. Cut off stiff butt ends. You will need 7" - 8 combined length to use. Some webbed barbs at butt ends are important. Tie in at front of foam. Advance thread forward to one eye length behind eye. Wrap hackle forward. Tie off, cut excess.
7. With wet fingers, stroke barbs back and to sides off top of shank. Bring Hard Mason forward forming a loop. Make 5 - 6 snug thread wraps. Pull on leader to adjust. (see diagram) Cut close. Apply Super Glue.
8. Bring foam forward and mark on side where thread hangs. Cut foam from both sides leaving small uncut space in center. (see diagram) Bring foam forward and tie in place between cuts. Half hitch under foam behind eye. Cut thread.
9. Apply Super Glue to foam cuts and half hitches.
10. Cut forward foam to match up edges.
11. Super Glue one doll eye to each side of foam.

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