Mystery Fish Continued
By President Jim Black

Last President's Message, I said the Shad is a Mystery Fish. So while it may have some as yet unknown migratory patterns, it is the East Coast or Hickory Shad, which was transported to and placed into San Francisco Bay years ago. The Shad then began to multiply and spread and began its migratory patterns, which takes them to our coastal rivers from April through July to spawn. Shad free spawns, unlike the Salmon, who prepare beds or Redds to deposit their eggs, and it is a hardy fish.
However, it is not so much of a mystery to a number of SCFF Fishermen, who are currently fishing various rivers for the returning Shad, including me. It is one of my favorite fish to catch as they usually school and finding the schools is the first and main problem. When caught, they never quit wiggling, twisting and fighting. In my opinion, Shad resemble Tarpon with their forked tails and silver bodies. In the Yuba River, which is shallower and clearer than say the Lower Sacramento, I have seen large schools of Shad, located downriver, off points where the current sweeps around the point.
Now all we need a few photos to prove they can be caught!!

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