* Youth Outdoor Day-Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds
The 2016 Youth Day has been postponed due to several budgetary and logistical reasons. As this comes at such late notice, I want to ensure you that I am doing everything possible to secure a date for the next event. I have been working with administration in elementary and middle schools throughout the county and we are planning to make the Monterey Bay Youth Outdoor Day larger and more improved. We are planning to make MBYOD a two day event, Friday will be the "school field trip day", and Saturday will be open to the public, as well as for students to return with their families. Involving our local schools will greatly increase our attendance and help spread the word further about our event. While the May 2016 youth day is officially postponed, plans are already taking place to make the next MBYOD the best yet!
I would like to personally thank you for your generous participation and we look forward to seeing you at our next event! -Elyse Destout

* Open Dates at the Tsuniah Lodge, British Columbia - Eric Brebner

We have a slow week from June 25 to July 2nd. I'm passing this along to past customers and I thought I'd pass it on to you as well. Basically it is 50% off our regular rate including the charter in from Vancouver. So for a one-week stay including your return flight to Vancouver it is $1180 per person. Maybe you and friends need a mid summer break. The weather and fishing at that time of year is perfect. There are six seats available on a first-come first-serve basis.

* Fly tying supplies at Anglers Choice
Currently you will find their fly tying materials in baskets. They have reorganized that part of their store and are trying to decide what they will be doing in the future. When you go by, let them know your needs.

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