Upcoming Fishing Outings

September Surf Fishout
Fishmaster: Steve Rawson

Pajaro Dunes aka Palm Beach is the destination for the September 10 surf fish-out led by surf veteran Steve Rawson. Please be there ready to go by 0630 am. To get there, take West Beach Street, Watsonville towards the ocean until you dead-end. Parking is free outside the State Park. Bring friends and prospective members too. High tide is +3.4 at about 0730 am. Hopefully the fish will be in closer feeding on the crabs that are accessible at high tide.

Mammoth Lakes Fishout - Sept. 24th-Oct 1st and Oct. 1st-8th
Fishmaster: John Cook - 688-1561

This fishout will take place over two consecutive one-week periods, Sept. 24th through Oct. 1st, and Oct. 1st-8th. As of this date, there are only three places left, which are all in the second week.
Location: Mammoth Lakes is on the eastern side of the Sierras, six to seven hours' drive from Santa Cruz. There are many lakes and streams in the area for us to fish. We will be staying in condominiums in the town of Mammoth Lakes.
Cost: $310 per person per week. This covers seven nights' lodging with three meals per day.
Meal Preparation: Each person will be assigned to a group for a Kitchen Day. The group will set out breakfast and lunch foods, store unused food, prepare the evening meal, and clean up on the day designated.
Sign Up: Send me the money to secure a spot. Mail your check, made out to John Cook, to P.O. Box 2822, Aptos, CA 95001-2822.
The fishmaster will maintain a waiting list for each week. If space for you becomes available, you will be notified by telephone. Don't miss out. Since there is no call-in date, plan your trip soon, sign up, and send your check to John!
Unused Funds: Any funds received but not spent on the fishout will be used for prizes for our annual fund raiser.

O'Neill Forebay Fishout - Oct. 27-30
Fishmaster: Steve Rudzinski - (831) 462-4532

Update: This fishout may or may not happen, depending on what's going on with the blue-green algae situation. For up-to-date information, contact the San Luis Reservoir's State Parks Service (209) 826-1197.

This will be a four-day fishout, from Thursday through Sunday. We will be camping on the Medieros side. Call me if you are unclear on the directions.
Driving directions to boat launch area:
Take Hwy 152 to the O'Neill Forebay and look for the San Luis Creek Recreational Area entrance, which is marked by a sign on Hwy 152 as you descend down the hill that is near the face of the dam. The turn-off will be towards the bottom of the descent.
Driving Directions to camp grounds on Medeiros side:
Take Hwy 152 and continue past the boat launch entrance to the Hwy 33 exit Take that exit and head north (turn left). Continue about 1/3 mile north on Hwy 33 to the Medeiros Recreation Area where you will turn left. Continue through the entrance past the kiosk until you get to a T-intersection, turn left and drive up the shoreline, keeping the lake to the right of you. We will camp along the lake (Hwy 152 should be on your left), near the big power line towers. Camping/parking fees are paid at the entrance self-pay station. Note that two vehicles can "share" a "site" (there aren't any sites per se, but you can list a second vehicle on your camping fee slip). Make your own arrangements to pair up with another camper to split the cost.
5-7 weight rods; Lines: sinking lines (type IV thru VI, Rio striper lines, T-140, or leadcore will all work), floating lines.
Flies, Topwater: bass poppers, gurglers, and crease flies - all especially in white, yellow or silver.
Underwater: Clousers, whistlers and deceivers, also in white/yellow, flashy white, white/chartreuse, blue/white, grey/white n'pretty much whatever you have. These should be 1-1/2 to 3 inches long or longer.
Other Gear: Float tube, pontoon boat or pram. Be safe - BRING A PFD! (personal floatation device - a life vest) Don't forget hat, sunscreen, sunglasses/eye protection.

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