August Surf Fishout
By Fishmaster Sam Bishop

Kevin Murdock, Steve Rudzinski and Sam Bishop joined up with SCFF newcomers Brian Ferdinand and his Dad Rich Stewart at Manresa Beach on August 6. Fortunately Brian caught one perch saving the whole team from being skunked!
The problem then (and still today if you are in the wrong place), is a big "red tide" algae bloom along our shores reducing water visibility and seriously reducing the catches. It seems to me my catch rate diminishes significantly anytime I have to fish a red tide, especially when it is heavy like it was this day, but I have not kept statistics.
Red tides generally are localized, so if it is heavy on one beach, it may be light or non-existent on others. Yesterday (August 20) I was on Rio Del Mar and the red tide was very light. Fish were getting caught on the fly rod, including Stripers. (Notice I didn't say it was me.) But you have to find them, so if you are not catching or getting hits, MOVE.

Amador and Santa Cruz Join Forces in the Surf
By Fishmaster Sam Bishop

We had a great time visiting and fishing with the Amador County Fly Fishers on August 24 and 25. The Amador group planned this outing many months ago and asked me (Sam) to come up and give a talk on surf fishing, which I did in June. I asked why they planned this fish-out in the middle of the week and was told that a lot of their members are retired, so they often plan mid-week when the crowds are not so heavy. Not a bad idea!
After fishing for about three hours, the group adjourned to the Pixie Deli for their delicious breakfast burritos, then that evening we had a hamburger BBQ at New Brighton campground picnic area. That too was a lot of fun, swapping fishing stories and gleaning information from these folks who primarily fish the Sierra streams and lakes.
We fished Rio Del Mar one day and Manresa the next. The red tide was rather heavy at Manresa and limited the catch, although I did have a big Striper break off my streamer before I saw him.
Pictured left to right (A is for Amador, S is for Santa Cruz)): Gary Slade A organizer, Mark Traugott S, Steve Rudzinski S, Charlie Moore A, Joe Jimenez A, Cary Williams A, Jim Tolonen S, Kirk Mathew S. Not shown, Jane Richter from Amador and Kevin Murdock from Santa Cruz, plus picture takers Jeff Sloboden S and Barry Thomas S. Work beckoned for Jeff and Barry, so they only had time to lend early morning moral support and take the group picture.
That evening we were joined at the BBQ by the wives of Gary, Charlie and Joe, plus our President Jim Black and member Bill Witmer

Other pictures:
Mark with a large Jack Smelt
Group on the beach wondering why they are not catching fish. Maybe because they are not fishing?

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