Continued Water Use Disputes
By President Jim Black

As we see the probability of the restoration of the Klamath since the Governors of California and Oregon have signed an agreement to remove the dams, we continue to see water use disputes over the Delta water. The immediate target is the Striped Bass and new regulations, which will allow fishing with no size limits or number of Striped Bass caught. Additionally, it also now looks like some Striped Bass have become resident fish in the Lower Sacramento and the Feather Rivers, as well as other rivers. Some up to 30 pounds have been caught recently in the Sacramento. At the same time, Bass have been more active along the beaches, more so than in recent memory.
Additionally, in my opinion, another boondoggle to rival the High Speed Train, is the Governor's proposal to construct massive twin tunnels under the Delta, a version of the old bypass Canal!
Finally, I am off to Montana for a week of fishing the Madison and so looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I will miss the September meeting.

Two Announcements:
Please save Jan. 21, 2017 for our special annual event, details to follow and I believe you will be very pleased.
2. We have been given by Tom's family; Past President Tom McMillian's extensive fly tying materials, lures, reels and flies, which I will bring to the October meeting for folks to review and select.

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