Sept. 24-Oct. 1Mammoth Lakes-wk.1TroutJohn Cook - (831) 688-1561
Oct. 1-8Mammoth Lakes-wk.2TroutJohn Cook - (831) 688-1561
Oct. 8Rio Del Mar BeachSurf Fishout
Sunrise - 7:10 - meet at 6:50
+3.5 (note: no tide)
LO 0946
+3.1 (swing)
Sam Bishop - (831) 476-6451
Oct. 27-30O' Neill ForebayStriped bassSteve Rudzinski - (831) 462-4532

* Some dates are tentative. You must be a paid-up member of Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen to participate in these fishouts. For more information and to sign up for outings, contact the fishmasters, look for handouts at the club meetings and write ups in the newsletter. Some fishouts require advanced planning and payment. Please don't ask fishmasters for refunds if you have signed up, paid, and later find out you are unable to attend the fishout. Fees paid ahead are not refundable, unless someone else takes your place.

* If any other club members are interested in organizing a fishout, call John Cook at (831) 688-1561. There are multiple ways to set one up, from simple to more involved. John has the information you will need.

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