The Burlap
submitted by Elaine Cook

Steelhead fishing is right around the corner. This old standby pattern is easy and quick to tie. Let's hope for a good rain year that will bring the big boys in.

Hook:Mustad 3906B or other heavy nymph hook, 1X long, size 6 - 12
Weight:Lead wire optional.(a few lightly weighted and a few heavily weighted will help adjust to various water depths.)
Thread:6/0 brown or tan
Tail:moose, deer or elk body hair
Hackle:Grizzly hen

1. Crimp barb.
2. Wrap lead around center of hook shank 6 - 10 wraps depending on hook size.
3. Attach thread behind lead. Wrap over lead forward in several wraps and onto hook shank. Wrap backward and forward several times. Leave thread hanging behind lead. Apply head cement to lead wraps.
4. Select moderate clump of tail fibers. Clean out underfur. Stack. Lay on hook shank and cut length so that tips extend beyond shank equal to 2/3 hook shank and cut ends butting up against lead. Wrap in place so that tail flares only slightly.
5. Attach strand of burlap to rear of shank. Wrap thread to in front of lead (1/4 back on hook shank). Wrap burlap forward forming an un-tapered body. Tie off, cut excess.
6. Select hackle with barbs equal to two times hook gap. Attach butt end with feather to rear of fly and shiny side toward you. Make several wraps with feather, each one in front of the last. Tie off, cut excess.
7. Wrap thread head, whip finish, cut thread. Apply Super or Crazy glue to head.

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