Date:Wednesday, October 12th
Time:Open - 6:45 PM
Class - 7:00 PM
Place:Aptos Grange, 2555 Mar Vista Dr., Aptos

The Goddard Caddis
Instructor: Elaine Cook-688-1561

This pattern is highly buoyant and easy to see. Therefore, it works well in heavier water. We will be using the technique of spinning deer hair, which is unique and fun and nothing to shy away from.

We welcome beginners and have tools, vises, and thread for their use. Experienced tiers, bring your own equipment, and tan, cream, gray, and black 6/0 thread. Please sign up at the October Club meeting or call Elaine so that she may have materials prepared. If you sign up and later find you are unable to attend, notice of cancellations is appreciated.

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