Recent Fishing Experiences
By President Jim Black

Two weeks ago I was in Montana fishing with my son-in-Law, Dr. Tom Welle, whom some of you may know. We fished with his older brother, Rick Welle, a long time guide from the Madison River Outfitters. We landed in West Yellowstone to cloudy skies and falling temperature for the first two days with snow on the nearby mountain peaks.
We fished the Madison, waded one day and floated five days as the weather improved and fished Friday, our last day on the Fire Hole River in Yellowstone Park. Every day we caught lots of hard fighting rainbows and browns.
On Friday, we took a lunch break on a bluff above the Fire Hole. We watched a group of four fishermen and two guides fishing below us. As we watched, a single buffalo ambled into view from our left, the short version is the fishermen on our right, too far below us to warn, looked up to see the buffalo approaching at a steady, slow pace! There was a mad scramble out of the river for the six fishermen, who rapidly moved to higher ground! It was certainly an unusual end for our trip, to say the least.

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