Winter Midge
submitted by Elaine Cook

Midges are a food source for trout throughout the entire year. It is their primary food source in the winter. This pattern works well in tailwaters when the weather is cold.

Hook:Tiemco or TFS 2487, Dia-Rikki 135, Daiichi 1130, sizes 20 - 22
Bead:Pearl glass bead size very small or midge
Thread:Black 6/0 or 8/0
Rib:Black Krystal Flash
Abdomen:Black thread
Wing:Pearl Krystal Flash

1. Crimp barb.
2. Slide bead onto hook.
3. Attach thread behind bead.
4. Tie in rib.
5. Holding rib backward, wrap thread in touching wraps securing rib to shank, back to part-way around hook bend.
6. Wrap thread, in touching wraps, back to bead. Make one half-hitch.
7. Palmer rib forward in 4 wraps. Tie off, cut excess.
8. Fold a piece of wing material around thread and tie in place behind bead on top of shank.
9. Whip finish, cut thread. Apply a small amount of SuperGlue to whip finished thread wraps.

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