International Mop Fly Controversy!
By President Jim Black

"Certainly we all aware of the highly publicize debates between Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Greens attempting vigorously to convince voters to vote for them.
However, there is a more pressing and controversial debate sweeping the sport of fly fishing, the Mop Fly! Of such importance it made the front page of the Wall Street Journal, October 15 edition. The Mop Fly! is made from fuzzy strands of a cheap mop. It first appeared in the U.S. National Fly Fishing Championships in June of this year. A top competitor, Lance Egan uses it, says he "When it works, you roll with it ."
Competitor Sam Flyer says the Mop Fly is great at catching trout, eliciting un-trout like aggressive behavior, but says "I am almost too proud to fish it. It is too good, the Mop Fly tilts fly-fishing's delicate balance between man and trout." He continues: "Where do we draw the line?"
Advocates are quoted as follows; Michael Cooper, English manager of miles of Britain's chalk streams, skeptically tried it on local brown trout, immediately reeled one in and concluded, "the mop fly is a magnificent invention. He asked where to buy the mops."
Said Competitive Angler, Michael Yelton, "you can just compete and mop up."
Personally, I could not stop laughing! The debate continues.

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