The More The Merrier
By Publicity Director Michael McGannon

New members bring more energy and new friends to our club. Younger members ensure the future of our club. Santa Cruz County has lots of fly fishers, but we don't have opportunities to interact as much as those who live with year-round trout streams and other local fly fishing - running into each other on the water. So, we want to make an extra effort to reach out to our fellow fly fishers who don't really know about this good club.
I've been put in charge of this outreach by the Board. We will be doing more advertising of our activities, hold informal open invitation get-togethers at pubs (like the Pour Taproom event Feb. 23) and other public places (coffee shops, libraries?) with other fly fishers to talk, share pics, flies, etc. We will investigate supporting fly fishing clubs at UCSC, Cabrillo and high schools, with free student membership in SCFF and regular lesson sessions. We are working on ways to make our club more satisfying and fun for all of us.

Our Message: We travel all over the world fishing. Let's hang out and talk fly fishing: how, where, who with, what works, and how we can help conserve our waterways and fisheries.

Please call (831-688-3025) or email michaelmcgannon me with any thoughts or suggestions you may have about expanding the visibility of SCFF and attracting new members, especially younger members, new activities, any ways to make the club more enjoyable for you and our community.

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