May Surf Fishout
By Fishmaster Sam Bishop

May 13th we had a nice turnout at Rio Del Mar Beach. A number of first timers were there and over a dozen barred and walleye perch were caught!
Attending were Kim Register, Brian Muzzio, Jeff Gose, Angela Johnson, Michael DiCiano, Elaine Cook, Kirk Mathew, Bob Kennedy, Sam Bishop and a couple others who showed up late and we didn't get their names. Above is a picture of Angela with her very first fish caught in the surf. She caught three before she was done!
We always have great fun at these events and we hope you will join Fishmaster Kirk Mathew at the next one on June 10th.

Roostercomb #2 - May 5-7
Fishmaster: Jeff Slaboden - by Cecilia Stipes

This trip was led by Jeff Slaboden who followed the detailed organization of Elaine Cook who in turn took the helm from me when I asked for help during Richard's medical crisis.
Fourteen intrepid SCFF members had good weather and goodfishing on the second RC fishout. After a rough winter, Scott Wilkinson (rancher) did a very good job of scraping and smoothing out the torn up dirt roads. The ponds were all full, with modest reeds, weeds and an abundance of healthy bass still on their beds. Newcomers to the ranch were Jon and Judith Wolf, Gene Lynberg, Barry Thomas and Woutje Swets. They learned how to fish from float tubes and had success using poppers and twitching woolly buggers. Secret Mustang, one of the prettiest ponds, and Buzzard, known for some big bass fished well. Gene Lynberg and Dan Eaton had record days at Mustang and Buzzard; Gene repeatedly caught fish using only a green woolly bugger. On Friday at Eastman pond I got lucky with two big bass hook-ups on small homemade poppers weighing 2 1/2 lbs. and 3 lbs. Milana and Steve took a wild ATV ride out to Harvey on Saturday and caught a handful of small fish. Pine #1 and 2 had some of the biggest bass and a few were caught. The conditions at Tule were not good at either RC fishouts. We concluded this year's long rainy season and cooler temperatures made the difference.
THANK YOU to everyone who helped me carry out the RC fishouts for 2017!! Special acknowledgements go to Elaine who worked so hard for weeks and to Jeff Slaboden who stepped forward to make the second trip possible.

New Member Endorsement of Roostercomb Fishout
By Dan Manion

Roostercomb Ranch was my first fishout with the Santa Cruz Fly Fishing Club. Thanks to Elaine and Cecilia for coordinating such an extraordinary fishing adventure Having never fished with a fly rod from a float tube, this proved to be an experience of a lifetime. The weather was perfect, fish were biting, the ranch-style accommodations and company made for a most enjoyable outing. I'm already planning my next trip.

Swarts Ponds - May 18th
Elaine and John Cook, and Bill Seaman

Taking advantage of one of the guide certificates that our president Jim Black acquired, three of us fished this private, large pond near Redding. It was a day in the 80's and quite windy which didn't help top water bass fishing, but that's how we caught them. Not great numbers caught but very quality fish that exploded on the poppers. Even John Cook got in a float tube and bass fished! Watch for two moons in the sky. He, too, caught a number of good fish despite some interesting technique. Wow. Thanks Jim for the acquisition, and you, Jeff for running the show.

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