Monthly Raffle

June is Busting Out All Over! Time to get serious about fishing!
By Monthly Raffle Director Jeff Goyert

What better way is there to get excited about a fishing trip than winning a new rod and reel? This month our lucky raffle winner will have their choice of one of five different outfits ranging from a feather-weight small stream 3 weight to a big-gun bust-through-the-surf 8 weight. In between we will have a 5 weight, 6 weight, and a 7 weight. Each rod includes a reel and a hard storage tube.
When you gather up all your gear for your big trip you will need something to pack it all in. Take a look at this classic Sage "Guide Line" tackle bag. It's perfectly sized to hold and more importantly organize your fly gear; reels, fly boxes, tippets, leaders, indicators, extra spools, and a turkey sandwich for lunch, and it's water resistant for that rainy day or for the bottom of a wet drift boat.
Those of us that attended the Club Confab in February enjoyed the presentation by Robert Ketley on "catch and release". One of the many things that he spoke to was the use of a "Ketchum Release" hook remover. It's a great little gadget to quickly remove a fly without touching or netting the fish. As guides are known to say "we don't kill our business partners"; the "Ketchum Release" goes a long way toward lowering fish mortality. Included with this prize is a copy of "California Fly Fisher" with Robert Ketley's article about catch and release.

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