* June Ramblings - John and Elaine Cook

Can you believe this? And he really enjoyed himself, too, when we used our discounted trip to Swart's Pond up near the Redding Fly Shop.
This is a very different year for fishing. It's way more challenging with the big winter everyone had. All the mountain ranges we have passed are covered with snow. The water is high everywhere. We tried the Metolius in Oregon, which is a spring creek and has a reputation for being very hard to catch fish. We felt very accomplished by having a number of bites and each of us catching one beautiful and strong red side rainbow. Now we're on to West Yellowstone.

* Mid-June - Lake Davis - Steve Rudzinski
A few of us drove up to Lake Davis for a few days fishing this beautiful body of water, being at 106% full there was a lot more shoreline to cover and after the second day realized that landing even one fish was an all day challenge.
I got there first and set up my tent and kitchen and off to fish Camp 5 area near the launch ramp. It was windy and very cold as it rained and snow flurries in the early hours of the drive east.

Within the first hour wading and using the nymphing technique under an indicator with two flies I looked away briefly and looked back to see nothing like a yellow bobber on the surface, a fast slash of the 5 weight St.Croix and something big pulled back. It was a supremely magnificent fish leaping in front of me that took the bead head black nymph that was only a few feet below the surface. No camera in hand or pocket I can only estimate at 24-25" and at least 4 lbs.
This would be the first and only fish any of the three of us would hook in the three days on the water at Lake Davis, (Jeff and Jim had a guide, Bill Forward on Tuesday with a boat and they had a goose egg for the day). Turns out that trout planting there is not happening much or at all according to the local guys who have figured out how to catch some of the few remaining fish, all big and smart.
We went to Frenchman's Lake about an hour east on Wednesday, June14th, and we found 10 fish that day as Jeff had the right spot and color and sized flies. This is a beautiful lake and many of the local fishermen are going there instead of Davis to catch fish in the numbers - most smaller but very scrappy. The wind howled at times and it was tough float tubing for sure.
Our last morning we fished Davis again and went to the Cow Creek area where we waded and looked for rising fish looking for damsel flies emerging. I saw three rise right in front of me but none grabbed my fly when I cast in the direction I guessed they were going. One local landed about four fish that morning.
Next trip at the end of this month we are headed to Lake Manzanita and Lake Almanor for the Hex hatch.
Worst part of the trip was the drive back through the east bay and into Santa Cruz.

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