Red Thorax Parachute
Submitted by Elaine Cook

This emerger pattern is tied on a scud hook and fishes so that the body hangs down in the water, the thorax is in the surface film, and hackle and wing are above the surface. Apply floatant to all but the body.

Hook:TMC or TFS 2487, size 14-16
Thread for Body:Black 6/0
Body:Black superfine dubbing
Thorax Thread:Red 14/0, 12/0 or 8/0
Foam:Black 2 mm closed cell foam
Wing:Float Vis or high vis white
Hackle:Jay Fair's golden olive or grizzle dyed
pumpkin, cree or ginger

1. Crimp barb.
2. Attach black thread mid shank, wrap to halfway around bend.
3. Dub non-tapered body to mid-shank. Make spaced thread wraps over dubbing to rear of body then forward to tie-in. Tie off, cut excess.
4. Attach red thread in front of body.
5. Tie in floss. Advance thread to mid thorax. Wrap floss forward and backward forming thorax. Tie off, cut excess.
6. Cut foam (see diagram). Attach to top of thorax with thread wraps covering center 1/3 of foam.
7. Tie in the center of one inch piece of wing on top of foam. Raise ends upright, make several thread wraps around base.
8. Select hackle with barbs equal to 1 1/2 hook gap. Prepare butt end by cutting 5-6 barbs short on each side of stem (crew-cut). Tie crew cut in at base of wing. Position thread in front of wing and hanging on your side of hook. Wrap hackle around base of wing 3 times. Hold hackle down on your side of hook and behind hanging thread. Bring thread to shank then around post 3 times. Half hitch behind eye.
9. Cut thread and excess hackle. Trim wing.

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