Upcoming Fishing Outings

July Surf Fishout - Saturday, July 8th
Fishmaster: TBA

The July Surf Fishout will be at Palm Beach, AKA Pajaro Dunes. The fishmaster is tentatively Mark Traugott, but if he is not able to be there, don't let that stop you. Plan to arrive around 6:00 AM to 6:30 AM.
If you haven't tried this great local resource, you really should. Everything you need to know about getting started is here on our website, just click on the green link "Surf Fishing Info" at the bottom of the table of contents, on the left side of your screen. Hope to see you there.
Directions: Take West Beach Street out of Watsonville all the way until it dead-ends at the State Park, parking is on the right.

Green River Fishout - July 8-15
Fishmaster: John Steele - 476-0648

The Green River Fishout is scheduled for July 8th through July 15th, 2017. This river is a tailwater of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir Dam, situated in the northeast corner of Utah. It carves its way through a spectacular red rock canyon, and is the home of a healthy number of large brown and rainbow trout. It is rare to catch one under 16 inches, and not uncommon to catch several over 20 inches. You can walk a well-maintained trail along the river and bank fish, and/or book a guide to drift the river. The Trout Creek Flies and On The Fly guides are all very competent, excellent teachers, and provide all your terminal tackle, plus a delicious riverside lunch.
Lodging for the Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen group has been reserved at Trout Creek Flies Lodge, which has cabins that can accommodate up to four fishers each, and have mini-fridges and microwaves, and there is an on-site restaurant. There are other lodging options in the area, namely, Flaming Gorge, (435) 889-3773, and Red Canyon Lodge, (435) 889-3759.
The rates for the cabins for this time of year are $150 per night double occupancy. Some fishers choose to buddy up in the cabins and divide up the cost. The cabins have two queen-size beds. The Trout Creek guide rates are $475 per day for one or two fishers, include terminal tackle and flies, and lunch. If you have any questions, feel free to call Trout Creek at (435) 885-3355, or visit their website, at www.troutcreekflies.net.
It is best and most convenient to obtain your Utah fishing license online, too, and to do that, go to https://secure.utah.gov, fill out the form, designate when you want your license to begin and end, then pay with a credit card.

2017 Loreto Fishout - August 6th through August 10th
Fishmaster: Rich Hughett - 757-5709

Experience a new HIGH! Catch Dorado and many other saltwater fish (Roosters, Sailfish, Yellowtail, bonita) on a fly! Join the group of Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen going to Loreto in Baja and fishing from Friday, August 4th through Tuesday, August 8, 2017. The cost is $750.00 per person (double occupancy, no deposits up front) and includes:
*Four nights at the beautiful Hotel La Mision, on the waterfront next to Loreto Harbor.
*Three days of fishing on 22 foot Super Pangas.
*Ground transfers.
It does not include airfare*, fishing license and meals, because there are some nice restaurants (A lot of fresh seafood!) in town or if you prefer, eat at the hotel, where they will also cook your catch!
The fishing day starts around 6:00 a.m. and we usually get back to the harbor between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. Spend the rest of the afternoon fishing from the beach, having a cool drink in the pool, exploring Loreto and the area, or just sitting around telling some tall fish stories. And, you will have many exciting moments on the Sea of Cortez to talk about.
Rich Hughett will meet with those going prior to the trip to discuss which rods, reels and flies to bring, the various types of fish in the Loreto area and to answer questions. Interested? Please contact Rich at 831-757-5709, now for all the details. We need to book airline flights, hotel rooms and pangas as soon as possible.
*For the best deal, check Southwest Airlines out of San Jose and Alaska Airlines from Los Angeles to Loreto. Rich will help with your airline reservations.

Yuba River - August 18-20, 2017
Fishmaster: Mark Traugott - 831-338-6056

As many of you are aware, an annual lottery had assigned our club a mid-April date to fish the otherwise inaccessible stretch of the Lower Yuba River that adjoins the University of California's Sierra Foothills Research Station. That fishout had to be canceled because the river was flowing at more than 4,000 cfs (far in excess of the 1,000 cfs that would normally define the upper limit of fishability.) We have, however, been able to secure an alternate date and have rescheduled the Lower Yuba River fishout to August 18-20. At that time of year, conditions should be very hot and dry, and we will likely be using caddis, hopper and possibly mayfly imitations to tempt the resident rainbow trout. Because none of us are familiar with this venue and how many fishermen it can support, our first outing to this location has been limited to eight rods. First preference will be given to those who signed up for the April fishout, but some of them may be unable to take part in August, so there should be at least a few spots open. If you are interested, please call Mark Traugott at (831) 338-6056. I am including below an edited version of the information previously published regarding this expedition:
This is a brand-new fishout that will provide access to a stretch of the Lower Yuba River that few people have had an opportunity to fish. The Sierra Foothills Research Center is a 5,700-acre tract of land owned by the University of California. It includes more than a mile of river frontage along Timbuctoo Bend (halfway between Englebright Dam and the Highway 20 bridge at Parks Bar.) U.C. allows access to California fly fishing clubs via an annual lottery and we are participating for the first time in 2017.
Members who sign up for this fishout will need to arrive on Friday, August 18th, as we will be proceeding as a group through a locked gate early on Saturday morning. Because of the long drive involved (about four hours from Santa Cruz), I am assuming that most participants will want to fish a different stretch of the Lower Yuba (or any other nearby stream) on Sunday.
Participants must possess a valid license with a steelhead card. The regulations specify barbless hooks, catch-and-release. The Lower Yuba presents a rather unusual profile, with thirty-foot high piles of tailings along the banks in some places and rock outcrops in others, but despite its history of upstream hydraulic mining, it runs crystal clear at low flows. The ideal volume for this stretch is probably 600 cfs. Above 800 cfs, the river can no longer be crossed, and wading becomes treacherous. The river is dam controlled (mainly by New Bullards Bar Dam, as Englebright Reservoir is largely silted in) so summer flows are mainly determined by agricultural releases and tend to be very fishable-but in this crazy water year, who knows?
I have reserved Group Site D at Sycamore Ranch, located several miles downstream on the Yuba River, which is where we will meet. My current thinking is that everyone will be responsible for their own meals. We might have to bring our own BBQ, but the campsite does have a firepit, so a communal meal on Saturday night or even a potluck is a possibility if that is what participants prefer. Other than meals, the costs include U.C.'s compulsory toilet pumping fee and the campsite fees, which come to $25 per person, due upon sign-up.
On Sunday, the most obvious fishing opportunity is the stretch of the Lower Yuba immediately below the Parks Bar bridge at Highway 20. There is (usually) automobile access from a rough dirt road along the river-left bank of the Yuba. It is also possible to walk the river-right bank, but the best water is a good ways downstream. At ideal river flows (600 cfs or less), this class 2 stretch of river can also be floated in a kayak or possibly a pontoon boat, with a put-in at the bridge and a take-out right at our campground, but there is always the possibility of brush and sweepers and the viability of the river is obviously highly dependent on the water level. Other fishing possibilities include the Lower Yuba at Hallwood (a few miles further downstream) where there is good access on foot; or, at a somewhat greater distance to the northeast (at least a half hour), the South Fork of the Yuba at Bridgeport. Putah Creek is further afield, but arguably on the way home.
Fun fact: Jim Tolonen has pointed out that a partial solar eclipse (about 80% at that latitude) will take place from about 9 AM to noon on August 21, so some people might want to extend their stay and see if we get an extra morning and evening rise out of it.

Mammoth Lakes Fishout - Sept. 23rd-30th and Sept. 30th-Oct. 7th
Fishmaster: John Cook - 688-1561

This fishout will take place over two consecutive one-week periods, Sept. 23rd through Sept 30th, and Sept. 30th-Oct. 7th. You may sign up for one of these two periods, or both.
Location: Mammoth Lakes is on the eastern side of the Sierras, six to seven hours' drive from Santa Cruz. There are many lakes and streams in the area for us to fish. We will be staying in condominiums in the town of Mammoth Lakes. There will be two people per bedroom. If you would like to have your own bedroom, it will be $540 per week.
Cost: $310 per person per week. This covers seven nights' lodging with three meals per day. Sign up for either week, for $310, or both weeks for $620.
Meal Preparation: Each person will be assigned to a group for a Kitchen Day. The group will set out breakfast and lunch foods, store unused food, prepare the evening meal, and clean up on the day designated.
Sign Up: Sign ups are currently closed, but if you want to take a chance on cancellations, let the Fishmaster know, also let him know which week you are interested in, as he will be keeping a waiting list and will notify you by telephone if space becomes available.
Unused Funds: Any funds received but not spent on the fishout will be used for prizes for our annual fund raiser.

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